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I'm not really into writing some long and involved explanation of who I am and what I do. Suffice to say I'm a geek (the good kind) with hobbies. Photography is one of them (as you may have noticed...), with a particular fascination (some could say obsession) with macrophotography. Basically, if it's smaller than your hand, I could be interested. If it's smaller than your thumbnail, I'm hooked.

There are one or two details I feel impelled to share... The questions 'why' and 'what'. I started off with digital art several years ago, first with completely abstract compositions and then shifting to virtual design. My interest was with form rather than function, shape and tone rather than material or size. When a friend of mine introduced me to photography I realized that nestled alongside the world we know and interact with daily there exists another world of little things. Things we rarely see or notice. When was the last time you stopped to look at the grains of pollen in a blooming flower?

It's become an adventure for me, as first I got lost in the minutiae, striving to photograph the next smaller detail. More recently, I've become more entranced with the form, regardless of scale. The beauty of the macro world partly lies in the fact that when you look at some detail that you've seen a dozen or hundred or thousand times, but you see it out of context, you can lose your sense of scale. You can't tell if the object you're looking at spans a meter or 10 millimeters. There's a lot of beauty in this world, sometimes it's overwhelming, but it's all out there waiting to be seen.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that I take pictures for you, the viewer. I do it for the tranquility it brings to my mind and soul, for the challenge of doing battle with the inherent limitations of the technology and winning, and for the reminder that perspective is, by definition, relative. You and I will never see the world the same way, and while I may find that frustrating at times, all that I can really do is revel in it.

That was why. What? Well, it's a harder question. I generally prefer stills. For the time being, I'm finding people kind of boring as subjects, landscapes even more so. Flowers and such are cute, a little kitsch perhaps. Insects equally so. Man-made objects sometimes make me feel like I'm making generic textbook-cover photos, but for now they make me happy. And the short version is, I'll shoot just about anything if I can see something in it.


Last minute detail: How to reach me if you have some thoughts you want to share with me. (In other words, my only concession to the concept of the web as interactive...)
You can email me at jon at pixelmajik dot com. Sorry it isn't an email link, but I'm a little tired of spam mail.
I don't often check my email, so don't expect a response immediately. I'm down to once every week or so at the time of this writing, but I will try and get back to you if you write.

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